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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bobrinskoy's The Compassion of the Father

An amazing book. I finally finished it last night after stalling (!) near the end a few weeks ago. I did the same with Return of the King about a decade ago-- read the whole trilogy except stalled halfway through Mordor and didn't finish it for a couple of years. That was an extreme case. Anyway! Here is some gold from Bobrinskoy:

In Orthodoxy, the Tradition is alive. It is a permanent miracle in which the Church does not pretend to possess the truth, but rather is possessed by it.


We should recall that in God -- and consequently in the depths of our being -- truth and life are but one, truth and love are but one, truth and holiness are but one, and lastly, truth and beauty are but one. Beauty is one of the most important aspects of the divine glory which sets the word ablaze. We discover it each flower, in each herb, in every living being -- animal or man. For God is at the same time one and three. The Trinity is one divinity and at the same time the infinite fullness of life, of the gift and of energy. In God all is one, in God all is fulness.

For we have the certainty that heaven, which opened three times in the unfolding of the mystery of salvation, remains henceforth open forever. Nothing and no one can recontruct the barrier that the sin of the first man erected between God and man. No one can excavate again the abyss which Jesus has filled between heaven and earth.


Matthew Francis said...

Good to see a few branches of theology: words, food, and image represented in these last posts! Bobrinskoy is so fresh. Thanks for your beautiful web-log. Krista and I have been admiring it from out here in Edmonton.

Grace & Peace!

Tab said...

No one can excavate again the abyss which Jesus has filled between heaven and earth.

So obvious yet so amazing.