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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ella drawing in church -- Bishop Lazar was visiting

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Simply Victoria said...

wow. I love that picture. That should be a poster, or a card, or something. It's so great!
You have an artist's eye, to be able to show people such a unique perspective. (such a unique.. I know, bad english:)

Matthew Francis said...

That's wonderful. Nice episcopal doo-dads, Ella!

thomasw said...

hehe i think it looks remarkably like him:) and btw, jenny, doesn't he put the 'arch' before his overseer title :p cool that ella is a lefty, she probably would ride a snow- or surf board goofy foot like i do 8)

kimberley said...

I like Ella's tights.

Tabatha said...

Ummmm... I am waiting impatiently for you to update your blog.


Simply Victoria said...

me too tab, me too.
(arms crossed, foot tapping...:)