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Friday, July 14, 2006

Drop Everything

Okay, listen up homies. My friend Susan the Scottish Siren (hi Susan, ya like that?) alerted me to this blog and if you

A) Love yourself even a little bit


B) Have had even the teensiest exposure to Middle English

you must drop everything, stick your hypothetical kids in front of something fascinating on tv (it can have violence, inappropriateness of all kinds, trust me, you won't care), go to the bathroom (Susan's advice, and it was good) and GET yourself to! Aka "Chaucer's Blog".

Oh, my goodness, so funny, so verray verray funny. If I weren't so hungry I would write out a few lines but you will just have to check it out yourself. Click on the classic posts on the left hand side. I am halfway through his "outline" for the Canturbury Tales and I had to drop everything and tell you about it. See how much I love you?

PS I would just link the Chaucer blog to mine like a normal person, but guess what? I am a huge technopeasant and I /don't know how/! Is that sad or what. I would learn more computer stuff but I guess when it comes down to it I just don't care enough. Hey! Are you still reading this? Stop it! Get to House of Fame before I come through your computer and rough you up! Is that possible?


Susan Katherine said...

Dude! I'm just so pleased you 'get' it - as if you wouldn't :-D I still find myself chuckling randomly while doing completely unrelated things (supermarket shopping, cutting out dresses etc) and muttering "Chaus. Ich likke chaus..." Even things like "Take Thatte Gowere" or - my ALL TIME FAVOURITE that had me weeping and aching - “I WOLDE I KNEWE HOW OF THEE I MIGHT BE QUITTEN!” at Oh and the latest post on "spekynge lyk a pyrate".... You really do have to go to the bathroom before that :-)
p.s. I like my new name...
p.p.s. I'm going to relaunch my own blog. I'm considering "Lamp of Beauty". Whaddya think?

Romani said...

Greetings from a seminary friend- now you have to guess which one. (Big hint: my older sis was a student at the same time and we both have red hair.)

Have just found your blog- and THANKS for this link. I really did have to leave my desk and use the restroom from laughing.

Am still giggling.