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Friday, September 29, 2006

hello from your friendly neighbourhood single celled organism

I don't really have anything to say and it's super late but I am
BUSTING OUT OF BLOG AVOIDANCE!!!! Aiieeeeee heeeeeeeeeheeeeeee!!!

There. Okay, so I've been really busy and I finally finished two major icons for St Barnabas Mission -- the same two you've seen many times in the past in various states good and bad.
I'm pretty happy with how they came out, but can I show you pictures of them? No! Why? Because my digital camera went belly up, that's why! I took some regular photos, so at the rate I do things those should be available about 2025.

So now it's on to the remaining four (two archangels and XC and MP OV enthroned). It's a lot more fun starting these as I am no longer terrified quite out of my mind. Though don't get me wrong -- I feel rather unworthy to even contemplate doing iconography. The deeper I go the deeper it gets and the more like a silly amoeba I feel, but in a good way. Funny how eschewing the fear of doing what you are meant to do actually leads to more joy and more gratitude, and humility (I'm especially proud of that, ha ha) rather than some kind of reckless presumption that you can do this.

Okay, I'm not even sure I'm writing English anymore. Gotta go read Harry Potter until my eyelids collapse. . .


Mimi said...

Welcome back, Matushka.

RW said...

Yeah - how good to hear your "voice".

I look forward to seeing the icons.

Are they going to Comox right away?

thomasw said...

an insightful observation about apprehension.

Simply Victoria said...

get thee a new digital camera. they're super cheap at costco. espcially if you lift one. but don't do that.

Matthew Francis said...

Hi Mat. Jenny,

Re: Iconography - as Goethe said, "Act boldly and mighty forces will come to your aid."

(Okay, I'll admit I've never actually read the original - but it was quoted in the excellent Cameron Crowe film "Almost Famous.")

nehamashira said...

What a neat blog. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you as well for the coffee house and your lovely contributions to it. You have the voice of an angel.