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Monday, November 20, 2006

two more completed icons, bringing my lifetime achievement up to five!

Well, here it is at last (thanks, Tab!) -- a photo of my completed St John the Forerunner. And it only took three and a half years! The St Barnabas one is above (if I do this right); I finished that one at the same time. They are now up Island and installed in the new (drumroll. . .) well, read on --

Congratulations to the mission of St Barnabas in Comox, BC, who have completed and moved into their new, purpose built CHAPEL!!!

I can't wait to go see it!

Joy of the Feast to all you Orthobloggers out there. Posted by Picasa


Elizabeth said...

This is so glorious ! Congratulations :-)

Mimi said...

S'praznikom to you as well.

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Matthew Francis said...

Beautiful. I just bought and started reading Bulgakov's "The Friend of the Bridegroom," which is all about the Forerunner.

RW said...

These are amazing. Thank you for posting the images.