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Monday, April 16, 2007

new support group

Christ is Risen!

So during Bright Week I had this goofy dream that I established, in all seriousness, a support group for people who /almost/ got to visit Prague and were somehow prevented. I guess we were all supposed to be fairly traumatized by this and needed to talk about it a lot. Now, when I lived in Edinburgh I was in a the U of Edin. choir and we were going to go on a choir trip to Prague, and the organizers raved about how wonderful the city was. My husband and I were too broke, so I couldn't go. I guess it has bugged me over the years more than I thought, because here this dream cropped up, like, 8 years later. I do sort of clench my teeth any time someone goes on about /their/ trip to Prague and how great it is, blah blah.

So I thought it would be fun to establish the Prague Deprivation Support Group (PDSG) for real. Post a comment if, like me, you one time ALMOST went to Prague, but at the last minute or whatever, you couldn't. There can't be many of us, so it should be a nice elite little club.

If you /have/ been to Prague, just go away and tell someone else. I don't want to know about it.


Mimi said...

I think that the support group should then go on a trip to Prague.

I've never been.

Matthew Francis said...

My good friend Sandra could join. Her and her husband Derek had a Prague trip planned a couple years back and then got to the airport (in London where they live) and were denied because Canadians had been slapped with some sort of ridiculous visa requirement! They had their charming pensione booked and everything... but GET THIS! He went anyway!

Though I doubt you care to hear, I did go to Prague, and was imprisoned in a public W/C by a gruff attendant for several hours.

Proof-positive that Prague isn't all Bohemian romance.

Джосина Ксения said...

One of my brother's best friends is in Prague right now.

I wish I were in Prague, or going to Prague. But nooo, I have school. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Can I join? I haven't been to Prague but mainly because I was supposed to visit Ghent, while on holiday in Belgium, then John got food poisoning (from a WAFFLE - who gets sick from a waffle?!!!) and we didn't go. i spent all day explaining to the cleaning ladies why he was still in bed, breaking the Jaques Brel youth hostel rules big style... oh and drinking cherry beer. Hey, you've got to do /something/.

kimberley francis said...

Okay well then I won't bother mentioning that I was pretty much denied entry, and had to take it upon myself to stealthily manuever a plot into the country via a cargo train complete with Kafta trinkets.

well not quite. but i earned that VISA jenny with alot of charm and hutzpah, after having the embassy door in salzburg slammed in my face at least three times.

for the record, Salzburg's not all chocolate Mozarts as some would like to believe.

yeah, prague was pretty fairy tale for me. petrin hill and the river and opera houses, but i'll keep the stories to myself, then.

well just one. did you know they have a KMART there and that they sell Meat in the KMART? like rotiserie style barons of beef. It was weird.

Simply Victoria said...

ah, and I never having even been off the continent.

Rachel Friesen said...

hey, at least you've been out of the country...I've managed to go as far east as Charlottetown and as far west as Victoria (or so my parents tell me ; i was 2 and I've seen no pictures so I refuse to believe them).

As for almost going to Prague, can't say I've had the honour, though my dad DID have the nerve to go to Vienna 4 times and never offer to take ME (nevermind that it was all for business and I was in school - this is Vienna we're talking about here).

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