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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Saw Deepa Mheta's stunning film Water tonight. Sad but wonderful. Actually I recommend all her films -- she makes me proud to be Canadian. (Which is nice, since the tasering death of an innocent man at YVR made me ashamed to be a Vancouverite. But that's another post.) Monsoon Wedding is my absolute favourite, but Water comes close.

Anyway, Deepa Mheta is so cool. In an interview she told a story of how a friend in India called her to say that people were burning her in effigy over there after Water came out. Her response: "What is my effigy wearing?"


They were burning her effigy, btw, for suggesting in her movie that maybe it's not such great thing to marry off a small girl to some guy and then when her husband dies (in this case she is seven), commit her to an Ashram (basically a prison) for the rest of her life. Go figure! What a crazy feminist!

I know it sounds depressing, but it really is great, with an ending that will leave you with your heart in your mouth. Not literally. That would be gross.

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Peter T Chattaway said...

Water is definitely a great film -- I reviewed it here -- but Monsoon Wedding was directed by Mira Nair.

That's a great story about the effigy!