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Monday, December 01, 2008

Hawaii -- the Drive Up Volcano -- or, Lava Lady Sees Actual LAVA!

Rather stupidly, I just created a post about Hawaii and then put it on the wrong blog! It was supposed to be here, and it was all about how I had been putting off posting Hawaii pictures because it was overwhelming for some reason, but how I was just going to start. Anyway, on the Egeria blog there is a different picture. Please visit and lend your support to the Egeria blog, if you would! As Egeria (the website) gets closer to launch, I need all the traffic and publicity I can get. Baby needs new shoes! Seriously, she does.

This is a seriously adorable espresso van at the top of the "world's only active drive-up volcano", outside Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. No, really. You drive up it. You park. You get your coffee/water/flashlight from this guy. And you go see LAVA, BABY!

I will tell you more about that when it isn't 1:51 am. Drat, I did it again. . .
I am convinced I have that circadian rhythm disorder where you stay up waaaay too late, but it just feels like everybody else is a big silly baby going to bed too early! If you're normal, it would be as if everyone else went to bed at, like, 6:00 pm or something. Okay, I'm going, I'm going.
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Simply Victoria said...

yeah. I stay up too late too.
I think as a mom, you just naturally gravitate to this time of day, when the phone won't ring, nobody will demand your attention to find their stupid lost toy, and no husband will demand dinner (though ever so politely, and in a passive-aggressive "um... so.. are we eating together tonight? just asking...).

ha! word verification, (I kid you not!):


Matthew Francis said...

Lava is my second favourite substance, next to marzipan.