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Sunday, June 26, 2005

and you wonder why mothers of young kids are half demented

Watching Sound of Music with Ella, who is four. We get to the scene where Maria comes to dinner and the children have left a 'gift' on her chair:

Ella: Why did she yell?

Jenny: She sat on a pine cone.

Ella: No, a porcupine.

Jenny: It wasn't a porcupine, it was a pine cone.

Ella (becoming passionate): It WAS a porcupine.

Jenny: No --

Ella: I SAW it MOVE!

What could I say? It did move. . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it could have been a porcupinecone (AKA PCPC). they have been known to roost in trees and frighten young children. I shot one when I was three.

then again, PCPCs tend to be high-maintenance and demand high union fees on set. my guess is that, given the advanced cinematic technology available to the filmmakers, it is more likely that a pinecone moved with the mechanical aid of either string or maria's bottom.