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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Elder Porphyrios

I am reading a beautiful book called Wounded by Love: the life and wisdom of Elder Porphyrios. It was translated from the Greek by a dear distant friend, Fr. John Raffan of Chania, Crete. I want to share a small excerpt:

The soul of the Christian needs to be refined and sensitive, to have sensibility and wings, to be constantly in flight and to live by dreams, to fly through infinity, among the stars, amidst the greatness of God, amid silence. Whoever wants to become a Christian must first become a poet. That's what it is! You must suffer. You must love and suffer -- suffer for the one you love.

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Anonymous said...

Matushka Jen,
I found this entry while trying to find this new book about Elder Porphyrios. Several years ago a couple of other books about him were recommended to me. Unfortunately, the internet store I got those from doesn't appear to be in business any more. I assume you got this directly from the translator -- but did he perhaps say where it could be bought? Could you tell me the publisher?
Many thanks, and I've enjoyed reading some of your posts and seeing your artwork.

Rob Stevenson