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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

is happening soon!

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Anonymous said...

it sure did.

i trust fr. johns lungs have healed. he was a true champion of a camp priest.

two stories:
what left me personally without voice for a few days, was one night at our sing songing session...echoing fr. john's eddie vanhalen version of "boom a chicha boom" with more gusto than was prudent.

the other story funny enough is about..hmmm... pie.
campers were in the thick of plotting their pranks. a little one (think: 8 yr old Frida Calo) approaches me silently and asks if
she may have a moment of my time.

she: "kimberley, if i do you feel about shampoo on cabin floor?"

me: "sounds kinds of sticky."

she: "i see. toothpaste on toilet seat?"

me: "yeeeah i guess ok."

she: "vasaline on door handles?"

me: "ah the ole classic. yeah sounds alright."

she: (pause) "kimberley, may i ask how you feel about pie?"

me: "pie? I enjoy pie. what kind of pie?"

she: "cream pie. well eight cream pie."

me: "where are you getting these eight ah cream pies?"

she: "ah the cooks. as we speak. they are preparing the pies."

me: "you have the cooks preparing pie for you. eight cream pies. when will these pies be ready, if i may ask?"

she: (hushed but assuredly)
"by nightfall"