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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bliss and something amusing

The bliss part is it is only 8:00 and my kids have already been asleep for over half an hour. Time to par-tay!

The amusing thing (yes, I will get to Flannery, but after this -- keep your hair on) is a dialogue from one of The Daily Show's interviews (one of the few things in the universe worth watching on the evil box). The scenario is that there is a town in Texas that just sold its name to a satellite dish company -- that is, it changed its name from "Clarke" to "Dish" in exchange for everyone in town getting a free dish. That actually happened.

So on the show (if you haven't seen it, it's a VERY clever satirical news show) they dispatch one of their 'reporters', Ed Helms, to act as a buffoon who can't see what the big deal is, and he interviews the local beard and tweed sporting bleeding heart intellectual, here abbreviated as BHI:

Ed: I guess I just don't get what the big deal is. TV is great! (I'm paraphrasing a bit, obviously)

BHI: Well, it's just that there are a better thing to spend money on in this town than satellite dishes.

Ed: Name one problem your town could have that can't be solved by TV.

BHI (already looking bewildered) Ummm -- education!?

Ed: The Learning Channel.

BHI: Proper policing!?

Ed: Law and Order.

BHI: Okay, I have a good one. Garbage removal.

Ed: Oscar the Grouch.

BHI:(pauses) What?

Ed: Oscar the Grouch! He lives in a trash can, eats all the trash -- it's how he survives.

BHI: But what does that have to do with --

Ed: He can eat all the garbage!

BHI: No. . . no, he can't eat the plastic (clutches head) -- I can't believe I'm having this conversation!

One of the interesting things is that the Daily Show is the ONLY thing I have ever seen on TV that points out how stupid and stupefying TV is. There is a creepy conspiracy of silence about TV addiction -- I doubt there's ever been an Oprah about it, despite it being a HUGE problem in our society. Okay, enough soapbox. I have a few things to do, then I'll come and put up that Flannery thing.


Shane said...

Very Deep Blog...(a very shallow comment but one designed to draw in the author..)I was flipping "next Blog" on instead of working and was delighted to read your intelligent and insightful Blog, more delighted still once I realised you were Canadian (all the best people seem to be...)You have a delightful writing style, you should consider writing profesionally if you don't already.

thomasw said...

yes, put up that flannery thing. actually i use an essay of hers in my en.11 classes.

MommaKim said...

I love the Daily show! FYI--you don't have to watch it on is on the 'net at Comedy Central. My particular fav is the one about the "Miracle of flight 358'
Just google Jon Stewart and Miracle. It is truly fantastic.

RW said...

About once a month I go on my TV is evil rant.... your comments reminded me on when Luke was in grade one and told the teacher that "TV is evil" - I had a little explaining to do -

I checked out that clip. Hilarious. I will try and watch more. In my spare time... what the heck - we will just forgo the sleep. Sleeping is for the dead! Just pour me another cup of coffee.