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Monday, June 12, 2006

Before and After

My husband took these shots of the kids and Uncle Rocky (the one who looks like King Edward the abdicator-guy) in the morning on the way to Liturgy and then after. . .pretty funny. He tried to take an after-shot of me: pretty unfunny. That was nearly the end of the camera. Posted by Picasa


kimberley said...

i finally developed the roll of film from last september, when i was over visiting. it's a similar view with both your girls in the van, but looking like they've just emerged from a tattoo parlour; with those crazy stamps from the farm shop place..sleeves and leggings of turquoise butterflies.

i love the before/after.
like: "(sigh) i'm on my last page here!"

Krista said...

Awesome pictures...The girls have a little bit of both of you in them (imagine that, eh?). I can just imagine the third little one on his/her way and squeezing in the middle there somewhere :)

We had a van like that growing up (it was orange). I don't know if the roof on yours pops up, but ours did...and so Jordan and I would sleep in the pop up roof part, my parents would sleep on the back fold down seats that would fold down like a bed and my sister (annika) would sleep on the hammock over the driver and passenger's seats. Anywhoo, here's to kidred van people.....cheers! :)

RW said...

thanks for the updates jenny. l love to see your daughters and for the little glimpse into all things all saints....

tatiana said...

Great pictures! I feel like I'm intruding on your personal space but you only gave me your blog as a contact so I don't know how else to get hold of you. I met you last summer at the Moss St Market and I think you are amazingly talented. I was hoping to commision you to do a painting for my girls. Could you call me or email me as soon as you get this message? email: or home phone: 381-2808.

Chat soon - I hope!