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Sunday, June 25, 2006


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thomasw said...

so peaceful...when at rest:)

Simply Victoria said...

I have a million (I counted!) pictures of my kids sleeping.
they seem so angelic when they're sleeping, and made me think, "yeah, sure. I think maybe a second (or a third) child might be fine."

MatJenny said...


Kids awake= birth control
Kids asleep= fertility drug


sara said...

I've linked your blog on mine...I hope you don't mind. I have enjoyed reading your posts, I'll be back :)

Susan Katherine said...

Hey, stop making them look so cute and nice and aw, wouldn't it be nice... Stoppit! :-) Nothing like as tricky as the weekly communion queue here - one long line of little faces all saying "see, we're not /really/ that bad..."