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Monday, November 28, 2005


I didn't take this photo, but I like it. Posted by Picasa


Mr. H said...


thomasw said...

"I'm thinking about my doorbell, when you gonna ring it? when you gonna ring it?" from the White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan: "My Doorbell."

Would be something to ring those babies at the epiclesis...not even sure if that is done? It was done in the Roman liturgy, and, actually, I was THE MAN at ringing the bells.

biss said...

I need your email address so I can inviiiiiiiite you!


Matthew Francis said...

They are nice bells... and just to make things a little easier since there are so many of us... I'm now posting with my Christian name and my surname.

Krista said...

I like the makes me feel like I'm lying underneath the bells looking up to the sky....pretty cool! :)