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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

hey there

Just a quick note to let my friends I am still alive!
We have been soooo busy with the Icon Workshop II and then the coffee house in rapid succession -- at least it seemed rapid. Great fun though -- here is a really nifty shot (by Christian, I believe) of decorating for the coffee house. The ping pong room has never looked so hip, that's for sure. I will post other pics of the night when I get the chance, but I am off tomorrow for a few days on the Mainland. Posted by Picasa


thomasw said...

glad you are back.

kimberley said...

me too.

Matthew Francis said...

This is very cool. Fr. John was totally 'gobsmacked' by the whole blogging craze sweeping the nation.... Fun!

If you have a chance, check out Spruce Islandor the new youth and young adults blog 1 Timothy 4.12.

Oh, and Krista and I have links to lots of friends on our blog, Constantly Reading Four Quartets

Grace & Peace,
- Matthew