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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

er -- can't think of one (a title that is -- why do they have to stress you out with these little requirements?)

A really cool photo (from an article in the Georgia Strait a couple of years ago) of my beloved brother, the actor, comedian, writer and generally Good Thing, Dylan. Hi bro. Posted by Picasa


RW said...

um, Jenny, that would be the Georgia Straight... since you are a particular sort of person I thought you might want to know.

Magdalen said...

Wow, look at Dylan. Hard to believe he used to babysit us. Did he used to babysit us?
I like your ICXC pumpkin. Much holier than the Harry Potter pumpkin my sister and I carved.
But our little Harry had attitude.
and a scar.
*waves* oh yeah, and hi!

thomasw said...

put some more older photos up, jenny.